Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

Happy Day friends, I hope this week is treating you well. A busy one as always here...full speed for a client who we have been working months to prepare her home for a party she is having next weekend. Things are starting to come together, chairs being reupholstered, chandeliers hung, and accessory shopping until I drop! 
It is b-day season around here as well with my 2 oldest children having birthdays 2 weeks apart in October and November. I swear every other commercial is can I have that, I want that, really? Me too, including those pajama jeans that seem to pop up pretty frequently...maybe they will help with the bulge that is developing from taking down all the Halloween candy.
The Furniture Market in High Point begins this weekend and while I sometimes dread the thought of going, once I am there it is always a nice inspirational get away. I have quite a few items on the books I am looking for this market so hopefully I will have some luck this fall. 

In my world of design antique mirrors are one of those items that I love finding when shopping. The right one can add a certain old world or vintage look to any room. What I love most is not limiting this antique mirror to a small frame but rather a whole wall. I have had this on my wist list for quite some time with a wall in my dining room in mind and I look forward to one day having my own mirror on the wall. There are so many wonderful elements that these mirrors add but the main one being the illusion of space. How fantastic are these images ranging from living spaces to kitchens with walled mirrors? Oh which one is the fairest of them all?

Pinterest, Elle Decor, Lonny, and Elizabeth Bauer

Friday, October 7, 2011

An Evening Away

Yippity skippity, yes I said that, the weekend is here!
 I am so excited to go to bed tonight without packing a lunch and wake up tomorrow at my leisure. 

I am not going to lie, it is obvious, getting a post out is hard these days. After sitting down with a life coach this week there is no wonder? Going over my schedule as I am sure with any busy mother, who works, husband travels, and runs the show at home, keeping everything in check is a full time job itself.
She asked me the question, how important is this blog to you? Is this something we can give up to make your life easier? Well no, not exactly...
I am so appreciative everyday of what the blog has done for me that I cannot possibly imagine turning my back from it at this point, it has come so far. I have met amazing people, had opportunities that would not have been presented otherwise, and it has given me a little voice of my own. So to keep it attainable and in perspective without disappointing myself or my lovely readers, for now I am going to post once a week which happens to be what has been going on for sometime, I am just getting real with it myself).

 My dedicated day will be Wednesday as of now, and I will hope to bring you something wonderful and inspirational, even if it is just a snake skinned wallpaper that I am dying for! 

My family is headed to a friends farm for the afternoon/night to take family pictures. It is such a beautiful place with an old home place surrounded by rustic barns, fields as far as the eye stretches, and lots of special memories.

If I had a farm house which is my other dream besides the "Island Life" I may look to some of these images I have been saving for inspiration.

A room for all the muddy boots

Perhaps a fantastic china cabinet

to house all my blue and white china.

A phenomenal kitchen to have all our friends

over, while admiring my beautiful floors and farm house sink.

A few gorgeous knotty wood doors

leading into my hallway of wild things.

A stairwell to shelve all the memories of fun times.

A claw foot tub to soak 

and a country chic room to relax in with amazing bed linens would be divine.

Happy Weekend

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Spot on

What an amazingly beautiful day here in NC. A little storm came through last night and voila  perfection revealed itself in the form of a sunny, crisp, fall day. Although I am a little under the weather of which I am blaming the flu shot not the tasty strawberry infused basil vodka cocktails I had last night celebrating a friend's 40th. My children are at the farmer's market enjoying the day with my sweet husband who is letting me relax, enjoy some alone time, and tend to my blog for which a post is long overdue. 

All the animal prints I am seeing around are too much for me, I love in particular a tasteful leopard print. It is timeless, classic, yet fun, it adds that extra oomph to any room. I love to incorporate an animal print in every home I work on. It is also something I work into my wardrobe here and there, really I could go on and on about my somewhat animal addiction!

I have been rocking these Sally Hansen stick on leopard nails for weeks now and I seriously talk about them no less than 5 times a day to friends, strangers, you name it. They are my new fall favorite and I had my girl put shellac over them so they will stay a little longer. I feel like I shouldn't keep this a secret and want to share it with all my dear friends. If you want a touch of animal these go a long way! 

Please only rock these on short nails, no claws...

Touches of leopard, I for one want my very own sofa just like Aerin Lauder's, it is really divine against those beautiful walls. 

Now on to my fall wist list...I adore these but those wedges would send me to the pavement. Mr. Louboutin can we scale this height down a little for the moms and my poor calves?

Oh Rachel Zoe, your new collection, and new season make me so happy, especially on a day like today. 

These are beautiful pillows we used to perk up a client's study, just the perfect touch.

My newest obsession is the antelope rug, it makes such a statement and is gorgeous. Here it is on a roll at Eatman's Carpet and Interiors ready to be custom cut.

This is what the antelope looks like all rolled out in my clients home and it is just magnificent! 

Happy Weekend

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