Monday, February 28, 2011

To start the week

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. It was gorgeous here in NC and I enjoyed every minute of it. It is amazing what a little sunshine will do for the soul!


Well I know a majority of you caught the Academy Awards last night and for those of you who did not I just thought I would share a few pictures of some of my favorite ladies and gentleman of the evening. It is kind of ironic that I am a brunette and my top 3 looks for the night are platinum blondes? I suppose the grass is always greener but these lovely ladies rocked some gorgeous gowns and have given me some divine inspiration.  

Michelle WIlliams in Chanel Haute Couture

Cate Blanchett in Givenchy Haute Couture

Gwyneth Paltrow in Calvin Klein Collection

Mila Kunis in Elie Saab Haute Couture

Anne Hathaway with Mr. Valentino in vintage Valentino

The amazingly talented and dapper men of the evening Geoffrey Rush and Colin Firth.

Secrets of a Stylist

Onto other inspiring news from the weekend...Emily Henderson debuted her new design show Saturday evening Secrets of a Stylist on HGTV. I raved about Emily in a previous Post after she had won the Design Star competition and I will sing her praises again today. Emily, a thrifty flea market shopper, takes couple's personalities through a style diagnostic in turn coming up with their design style, "country club chic" meets 'hollywood regency." She then layers the looks to create a space that will suit the Mr. and the Mrs. Great idea and fun to watch, a little crazy with this all being packed into 30 minutes but well worth it.
As you can see in the pictures below the transformation of the room looks awesome! 


As a follow-up to my previous Lela Rose post I wanted to direct you over to the fantastic online magazine Matchbook. The interview with Lela is candid and there are some great photos...they were even able to finagle a homemade Biscotti recipe from Rose. I will have to give that one a try.

The latest issue of Matchbook went live today and one of my favorite shop owners and design bloggers Kelly Galvin Robson of High Street Market is featured on one of her antiquing excursions. She is adorable and has great style. If you have time to stop by her shop I spotted these goodies for sale! 

Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Feature with Lela Rose

Here we meet again on another Friday. I can hardly believe a whole week has passed and another weekend is upon us, where does the time go? Well you can be sure that I am not going to waste this weekend feeling bad. It looks like the weather is going to be beautiful, suitable for the flea market, yard work, and maybe some Spring cleaning? We will just have to see how it shapes up. Anyone have exciting plans? 
I cannot think of anything more exciting on this Friday than to feature the lovely Texas designer whose collections are classic but also have that added whimsical twist making her a shining star in the industry. After being able to view each one of the collections with all their magnificent color, detail, and beautiful fabrics, I leave thinking this is the best one yet but true to Lela Rose there is always more where that came from.

 Rose was gracious enough to give us a glimpse into a "day in her life" and what really makes her clock tick tock. All the while she was wrapping up Fashion Week in NYC for Fall 11 and then off to India for a 3 week trip. Whew, I am exhausted! Lela I hope you find some wonderful inspiration in your travels because you sure do inspire us.
Thank you!

Where are you from?

LR: Dallas, TX

What you led you into Fashion Design?

LR: fabric fabric fabric…I just can’t get enough of them

Describe your style?

LR: I am always in color and a dress. I find a dress is the perfect foundation to layer on whatever accessory suits you at the time- whether it is knits, necklaces, shoes…and it is just one zip.

What are some of your favorite looks, accessories, items?

LR: I designed these silk satin wrapped  oversize ball necklaces a few seasons ago. I call them my “black pearls” and wear them with everything.

What other designers  do you admire and what or who do you look to for inspiration?

LR: I admire many designers but I love to see what Lanvin is doing as well as Stefano Pilati from YSL.

Can you give me a brief summary of " a day in the life" of Lela Rose?

LR: I bike to work with Stitch and usually stop by the green market on my way to pick up ingredients for dinner. I get to work and that is when the “arts & crafts” portion of the day begins. I feel like I am a kid in arts camp!! We play with fabrics and details while analyzing the clothes as they are being sewn. I leave the office about 6pm and head home to make dinner for my kids and husband. We always have homemade ice cream (I think I need to add a little more exercise into the day) which is the perfect way to end what I consider a wonderful day in a charmed life!

 Describe your personal fashion style? do you lean toward solids or patterns?

LR: I lean towards prints and textures as I like to mix a lot into my look.

Fashion week is in full swing for Fall 11 what colors, trends, or looks will we see in your line?

LR: there is a lot of luxe going on right now, from burnished brocades to dip dyed feathers, I think the fantasy and fun is coming back into fashion.

How does your love of fashion tie into your home? 

LR: I have made so many things for my house that come directly from work. I have chairs embroidered in a thread and sequin pattern we designed for a spring collection as well as quilts I made for my son’s bed from old fabric scraps. I just love to surround myself with beautiful fabrics and details as much as possible.

What books or magazines are on your bedside table?

LR: as I am leaving for India in 2 days, I have been reading many books about India like Shantaram, Salman Rushdie’s “Midnight’s Child”, and “A Princess Remembers” as well as about 4 months worth of The New Yorker.

Lela Rose Fall 2011

I mean how adorable is Lela riding her trike with Stitch, kind of like Dorothy and Toto, fancy shoes and all! This is a cute little interview with Lela, go Here to see the video.

As I mentioned in a previous post Lela has an amazing home that was NY Times where of course her fashion carries over into her interiors. Yes, that sofa fabric was an adorable skirt in a previous collection.
To see more of her beautiful home and in depth interview visit Shelter Pop.

Photos courtesy of Lela Rose, Marie Claire, Source

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bedroom dilemma

Hello all my friends, I am happy to say hello today! Although I am still not 100% better I can just feel the light at the end of the tunnel...please. 
Decisions, decisions. I have spent more time in my lovely bedroom these last few days than I have in the past 20 months since we moved back in from our renovation. The bedroom is a sanctuary and I am lucky that I feel like ours truly is. It is super cozy with a fireplace and we designed it as to have no big pieces of furniture like dressers and such because the clutter always drove me crazy in our old bedroom. With that being said our master bath is as big as our bedroom. When my husband wakes up early he gets ready, leaves and I don't here him. I can't even begin to tell you how awesome it is not to here him rummaging around in his sock drawer or digging in his closet while grunting because he can't find what he is looking for, early in the morning I might add. All these details we thought in the design were so carefully put into place and then actual interior design was thrown to the wayside after the window treatments were chosen.
I threw up some blinds in haste because our neighbors can see right in but want to replace those with a pretty linen shade. The bedding has been on my mind for almost 2 years...I am my nightmare client! 
So I am enlisting you in a little help. I am having trouble selecting the fabric for the accent bedding.

 I have had a fabric Mille Fleur by Eric Cohler for Lee Jofa in my possession for some time and have really loved the grays and the woodland scene. It has accents of a deep gold color throughout the pattern that I am drawn to and I think it just looks timeless.

Here enters fabric number 2 Sark by Manuel Canovas. It is beautiful has nice grays with the birds in a pretty greenish sheen. I would say this is different but equally as classic and I love it too.

Here is the pattern Sark shown on window treatments in a room featured in Lonny Magazine by designer Hillary Thomas. Very nice indeed.

Now here are some shots of my bedroom, bad lighting, to give you an idea of the task at hand.
Below is the window treatment fabric, a nice gray patterned linen. On my walls I have Benjamin Moore's Balboa Mist and my ceiling is a deeper shade Plymouth Rock.

I have a white brick fireplace with an antique wood mantle. So you can see why I kind of gravitate to the  animals...I just do.

A beadboard ceiling in the Plymouth Rock and my chandelier is wooden, love it! 

Okay decisions, help? Looking at the pictures, I am thinking the Manuel Canovas on the right...a little lighter, fresh, going into Spring.

Okay so there you are, my big bedroom dilemma. Hopefully it will be something that will be resolved within this year and the ball will be rolling to finish up this space! 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Whoa, sinking or swimming...I am not sure which but I am barely there. Nothing terrible just a nasty little cold on top of fatigue but I would rather curl up in a ball and hide in my bed than face the outside world right now. So I will see you my friends here tomorrow in a more blissful place!  

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Feature with Fleming Clothing

Good day all my friends and welcome to Friday, thank goodness! It has been a rather looong week here but nothing that a 70 degree day (yes I said 70) won't remedy. 
My baby girl has been down all week with a vicious little cold and while I enjoyed her company for the first 2 days home from school, today being the 3rd, had me teetering on the edge of sanity. 
I am more than excited to feature my Friday designer today because she is one of the most talented, vivacious, individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and I am happy to call her my friend. Fleming Harris Samuels is the newest children's clothing designer on the block with her vintage inspired Fleming Clothing. Samuels design background runs in her blood with Stuart Walston a renowned designer as grandfather to fuel her passion for beautiful prints and textures at a young age. After pursuing a degree in Fine Arts and owning an Art Gallery in Beaufort, NC Fleming moved to the Raleigh, NC area, found the love of her life starting a family of her own...the rest they say is history. Fleming so graciously is giving us the Friday inside on what inspires her and the looks she loves for children. Thanks Fleming! 

Where are you from?

Wilson, North Carolina

What you led you into designing children's clothing?

I have always been drawn to working with fabric from being around my grandfather's interior design shop in Wilson, North Carolina.  He worked in some of the most beautiful homes in the state and used magnificent fabrics from designers like ScalamandrĂ©, Brunschwig and Fils, and Schumacher.  I remember seeing the way he contrasted fabrics against each other to create a look and I was fascinated by the process.  I missed seeing those rich contrasts in my life and saw an opportunity to design with all those wonderful colors again when I started making children's clothing because only children can put such unique combinations together and carry them off every day.  

Describe your style?

It's hard to describe our style because we love everyone's style.  We try to take classic shapes and give everyone a chance to make what they love.  We have ultra-modern fabrics that you can contrast with something classic, or put two two textures of fabrics together that maybe you can't find in a typical retail store.  

What are some of your favorite looks, items?

My favorite look that we have is called the "Mille" after my daughter.  It's our core look that was inspired by the clothing i saw in photos from my childhood as well as my mother's. It's a dress that is a-line in front and the straps cross over the open back.   We pair it with a pair of ruffled bloomers that really allow the designer in anyone to come out.  It can be layered with a shirt for fall or worn as a light top for hot summer southern days.  Another one of my favorite pieces is called the "Carter" and is a t-shirt with a peter pan collar.  We have a modified version with a peaked collar for boys.  i just think that t-shirts can have great style and be fun at the same time.  i love seeing free light clothing on children that is individual and classic.  i feel like children can be comfortable in their clothes without sacrificing style.

What other designers do you admire and what or who do you look to for inspiration?

i look to designers who push boundaries with colors.  One designer, Lela Rose, is so inspired with her bold palates.  I am constantly in awe not only her color combinations but with her fabric designs themselves.  I also love vintage children's clothing.  I can't get enough of vintage advertisements of children's clothing from the 1920s.  They put ruffles on their ruffles.  I love the decadence of those clothes and try to modernize those looks.   

Can you give me a brief summary of " a day in the life" of Fleming Samuels?

I wake up around 6:30 and try to get out the door as soon as possible.  My drive to our production studio is about 45 minutes and my sewers start arriving at 8am.  We manufacture all our own clothing and there are always things that need to be tweaked with the sewing machines in order to be fixed to keep the day running smoothly. My assistant is fantastic and she will have organized all the orders for the day and we like to plan the cutting around the patterns to make the best use of our time.  I usually have calls to fabric houses to see what is coming out and samples to order.  We are constantly working on new patterns and there is so much involved with the sample sewing and pattern-making that I could spend all day on that alone.  I have lunch at my desk and enjoy spend time calling my wonderful friends who are hosting future trunk shows of Fleming Clothing and see if there is anything i can do to help.  By the afternoon I make it back out into the production area and work with our patterns again and see how the customers orders are coming along and get things ready for pick-up by 3pm.  It's one of my favorite parts of the day because I love seeing what people can put together.  Sometimes I see things i never imagined and I am amazed with all the new ideas the customers designs give me.
In the afternoons I try to talk to our marketing consultant because we have so many projects that we want to implement we have to plan how to fit them all in.  I leave around 4:30 in order to pick my daughter up from school and we come home and play and spend some great quality time together.  My husband and I try to have dinner as a family as often as possible and then it's off to bath and bed by 8pm for my Mille.  I try to answer a few emails, catch up on some over due reality television and go to bed by a decent hour.  

Describe your personal fashion style? do you lean toward solids or patterns?

I love solids in amazing fabric textures.  I have to wear jeans to the workshop most days so i like statement tops in layers that I can throw on over a t-shirt for a last minute stylish look if a meeting suddenly pops up.  

Fashion week is in full swing for Fall 11 what colors, trends, or looks will we see in your line?

Fabric designers are sending me their books right now.  i can't wait to see what we roll out for the fall myself.

What books or magazines are on your bedside table?

Currently I have Steve Martin's new book _Object of Beauty_ .  I have been a big fan of his since _Shopgirl_, and this novel has not disappointed me in the least, it's hard to put down.  I also have _Seven Days in the Art  World_ and a great spy novel by Daniel Silva called _The Rembrandt Affair_.  I love non-fiction as well and maritime history is one of my favorites so I have a new book about a German Raider in WWII called _Wolf_.

Monday, February 14, 2011

I Heart You

Oh my goodness what a beautiful day! Today I had a Valentine's lunch with my honey and now I am hanging with my other 3 loves this afternoon enjoying this gorgeous weather.
If you haven't picked up the March Spring issue of In Style then it is a must. I almost skipped over it in the grocery the other day but flipped through quickly and caught the images of Tory Burch in her luxurious home at the Pierre Hotel, Manhattan and promptly put it in my cart. 
 I have seen Burch's home photographed in other publications but this feature really popped with her use of oranges, greens, animal prints, wood, and other textures. Her laid back luxe approach to design is evident in her home and clothing. I found the below pictures of Tory lounging in her home with photographer Nigel Barker while searching for the ones in InStyle. She has since recovered her sofa (top picture) in a beautiful print but everything else looks just about the same minus the people and well maybe a few more books on the coffee table.

This room is not shown in the InStyle shoot so I could not resist to post. That green sofa knocks the socks off my feet and the walls are covered in a silk velvet!

You can see more images Here but for the most current shots run don't walk and pick-up your copy of the magazine.

Photos courtesy of Nigel Barker

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Friday Feature with Betsy Burnham

Hi to all my lovely friends, I am so glad you are here and I am delighted for our Friday Feature today. Tonight we are stepping out on the town well technically to the country for a party in a barn...that is what I call "Country Chic." Should be fun if we can survive the weather. Layers will be key and I will have plenty of them! 

On to the important business of today. I am more than ecstatic to feature today's designer as she has been a favorite of mine since her home was featured on the pages of InStyle Home in 2005. I fell in love with her gold living room wall color, python covered dining chairs, blue china, and her signature look that always involves a leopard print. Betsy Burnham is one cool California chic, oh and a phenomenal designer as well. 
Burnham's interiors have been featured in many publications including Western InteriorsMetropolitan Home and named one of House Beautiful's top designers. Her Instant Space design concept allows her to consult clients all over the country through email and online correspondence.

In July I featured Betsy in a Designer Spotlight and showed images of her children Carson and Will's rooms that she had just shared in an interview with the Decor Demon. I think we can all agree that they are more than your average teenage rooms, very stylish indeed. A union jack painted dresser signed by the one and only Amanda Bynes? 

After the feature Betsy was kind enough to personally thank me with an absolutely made my day. Thank you Betsy for being an inspiration! So with no further ado friends... 

Where are you from and what brought you to LA?

I’m originally from Connecticut.  I Went to college in new Hampshire and afterwards moved to new york to work in fashion.  My husband (then boyfriend) moved out to L.A. to work in the film industry and I followed two years later, when i figured he was never coming back.  That was 22 years ago now, I guess I can call myself a native.

What led you into Interior Design?

It was an organic process, really.  When I realized that the fashion industry out here wasn’t for me, I enrolled in UCLA’s Extention program in interior design to learn some fundamental skills.  At the time, I used to throw these elaborate parties, and a celebrity friend who came to one asked me if I’d help her with her house.  I haven’t stopped working since.  I started Burnham Design in 2002.

Describe your style?

I like to describe it in fashion terms: thrift meets couture.  It’s all about a mix of high and low, and layers of texture and pattern.

What are some of your favorite looks, accessories, items?

I like anything python (faux!), & leopard print-always have.  I’m crazy for Turkish rugs, like Caucasians and Samarkinds-they have the most incredible color combinations, and in my opinion are even better threadbare than new.  I love shiny finishes-polished brass and nickel, glossy ceramic tile, high gloss paint.

Is there a color right now that you cannot get enough of?

That’s not fair; there are so many.  I just designed a prep kitchen (secondary kitchen space, with pantry) and had all the cabinetry painted olive green.  It’s super chic.

Can you give me a brief summary "a day in the life" of Betsy Burnham?

Well, every day is different, but there are a few constants:  up at 6 or earlier, exercise, work in the office (or meet with clients, shop, site visits) 10-7, spend any spare time with family (kids Carson, 16 and will, 14 and husband Mark Stern).

Describe your personal fashion? do you lean more toward solids or patterns? 

Definitely patterns, they’re so much more fun.  But with them I wear a lot of black and denim.   I’m a huge fan of layers, clunky shoes, Belgian designers and accessories.

What or who do you look to for inspiration?

Every trip I take, even if it’s just to san Francisco, gives me some kind of inspiration.  I stayed at the Hotel Cipriani in Venice last summer and was completely blown away.  Aesthetic overload!
Your dream project?

I love my clients, and I’m really fortunate with the creative freedom they give me, but I think my dream right now is to work in a different avenue of this business:  a fabric line, a rug line, maybe even furniture.

What is on your ipod or the music playing in your car?

Jurassic 5, Lauren hill & Beyonce.

Benedict Canyon Residence

Burnham Design Office

Photos courtesy Betsy Burnham, NY Times, Decor Demon, and Lonny 

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