Sunday, September 5, 2010

Designer on the Brink

Of being the ultimate star Emily Henderson...well technically she is already the official Season 5 Design Star of  HGTV. To be rewarded the title of Design Star you have to compete against 12 of the most talented designers, architects, contractors, stylists and present the most ingenious designs to a panel of judges, ultimately winning a show on HGTV.
Typically I don't watch the shows on HGTV that often but I DVR
Sarah's House, a Canadian designer who takes on the daunting task of turning a dilapidated farm house into a chic country dream! Okay, back on track, my TV still on HGTV, happened to be on Emily Henderson's premiere show Secrets From A Stylist.
Her project, to collaborate with LA based Ian Brennan, a writer, director, producer and best known for being the co-creator of Glee.

Emily and Ian shown here, obviously meshed so well and I really do not want to tell every detail of the design process because I think it is worth watching. Emily a native of Portland, Oregon has a background in design, styling and seems to be a jack of trades. I found her to be entertaining, inspiring, adorable, and I so look forward to seeing more from this fresh face. 
Congratulations Emily!  

Emily on the hunt...FYI the whole project was a collaboration and done in phases that were filmed so she brought things in, he said yay, nay. You can tell by the pictures and final look that everything came together perfectly to fit his style, ultimately meeting his needs.

Inspiration board

Ian's 1924 California Bungalow with views of Bronson Canyon

Living Room Before

Living Room after 1st look

Fabulous bookshelves 1st go round...

Breakfast Area

Guest Room

Guest Room Dresser and Accessories

Living Room final look

2nd look of the shelves, painted dark gray

All Photos HGTV

So much fun!

You can see more of Emily Henderson's styling in this beautiful Big Sur, California home in September issue of Coastal Living


Mary Watson said...

I watched the entire season of design star and I was hoping that Emily would win! Love the stripe rug in the living room!

Life of Style said...

Love the stripe too! She is adorable and if you haven't seen Secrets of a Stylist it is a must see!

theresglitterinmycoffee said...

Love your blog...lovely stuff. I came across it on Pinterest, as one of the rooms from this HGTV design was on there. I looked at it, said, "That's my friend Ian's house", so I came over to your blog to investigate and huzzah! I was right. It's very weird to see him on a blog since I've known him forever. Anyway, I saw this episode as well, and Emily is just divine. What a great process she has to design!

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