Thursday, September 23, 2010

One of Each Please

Seems like a good mantra to live by in my business on days when I receive a call from the showroom saying that they have just received a Santa Sleigh full of Madeline Weinrib rugs in different fun prints and colors ready to go, pick me up please, I need a home!

They are all sized 8 x 10, the first 2 are the metallic chenille blend, the rest are the cotton wovens...seriously one of each please?
Mandala Beige and Black

Brooke Sand Chenille

Ikat Blue

Zig Zag Steel

Babette Red

Babette Turquoise

Carleen Black

Olivia Persimmon

Olivia Celery

Ming Brown

Stoned Very Clay

Photos Courtesy of Madeline Weinrib

For pricing and information please email me.

Chic Interiors with Weinrib Rugs

Angie Hranowsky

Decor Pad


Posh Surfside

Madeline Weinrib

What makes Madeline Weinrib so special? The Style Saloniste sat down with Mrs. Weinrib while she was in Jaipur, India working on her new line of organic cotton block print textiles. The article gives very interesting background, a look into the creative process, and what Mrs. Weinrib hopes for her brand in the future.

Photos courtesy of The Style Saloniste

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