Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Great Flame

Flame stitch

I had a meeting with a client yesterday and I had to post these pictures of this amazing ottoman in a flame stitch that her grandfather, a renowned designer in his time, covered in a beautiful fabric with colors that are out of sight! . This material is exquisite and she just literally pulled it out of a storage unit the family keeps. It has one small moth hole but other than pure perfection. It makes my heart go pitter patter!

I heart you!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Art is Beauty

The Winner is....


Thank you for all your comments on the "Put a cork in it" posting. I know the ladies at Wine and Design are excited about your enthusiasm! The winner for the free session is Rachel Palmieri. Don't forget to take your bottle of wine, hopefully it will help you with your inner Picasso....Enjoy!

NC Museum of Art

I was fortunate enough to have some alone "mommy time" at the NC Museum of Art in Raleigh, NC over the weekend and I have to say it was more than I expected. I took several pictures but not many notes because I was in my place of zen. The Rodin outdoor exhibit was breathtaking! The sculptures were massive, strong and powerful. Having a minor in Art History and attending college here in Raleigh, I have spent many hours in this museum looking at paintings old and new, thinking of what to write and now all I can think is I wish I could go back to Art History class again and pay more attention.
There are still some of the same pieces of Art but they have a different light being on white walls with amazing lighting. I am so happy to live here and be able to take my children to this wonderful place.

Juame Plensa's translucent polyester sculpture, one of a series

Swanky new cafe

Chic new white leather chairs with Eero Saarinen tables

Inspiring Interior, reminds me of the illustrations done by Jeremiah Goodmon

On all my trips to the museum this piece an oil on linen by NC artist John Beerman, titled "Three Tree Two Clouds" always captures me. Obviously the picture does not do it justice but the colors are amazing.


The great French sculptor Auguste Rodin is the highlight of the museum's opening and it is unbelievable!

Get Ready For the Summer

"Get Ready For The Summer"

Tunic Love
This image me think of Summer of Love

So I was in Vermillion at North Hills in Raleigh, NC doing a little tweaking and styling on the interiors front) because the ladies there definitely do not need my help on the fashion end) getting ready for their upcoming "Get Ready for Summer" trunk show starting tomorrow Wednesday May 25 continuing through Thursday May 26, 10-6. This trunk show is just in time for Memorial Day weekend, because it us upon us and do you know what you are wearing or packing? If not you might want to stop by Vermillion!
The featured items are vintage jewels from Carole Tanenbaum, tunics from Tunic Love and "watersnake" bags from Beirn bags. On top of all these fabulous well priced I might add find there will be tunics from Tory Burch and Anya Hindmarch with 15% off tomorrow.

Tunic Love

Tunic Love has affordable tunics ready for Memorial Day weekend wherever your destination may be. Chic over a swimsuit or skinny white pants you really cannot go wrong. The best part about Tunic Love is their mission statement.
1) To deliver quality and happiness (yippee if I a can buy one, is happiness to me) by using the finest quality of materials and fabrics.
2) Supporting the community and local artisans. Tunic Love's mission statement says that when "when you decide to wear Tunic Love your contribution goes directly towards supporting local communities, weavers and seamstresses who devote their entire lives to their craft."
3) Support children in need. By buying 1 tunic your purchase is matched by a gift of a basic set of clothing from Tunic Love to a child in need in the developing world.
Ladies support the cause and your closet!

Supporters of Lead Uganda came together to enjoy a fashion show and silent auction. Here is a beautiful model sporting a tunic by Tunic Love.

Images courtesy of Tunic Love and Vermillion

Beirn Bags
"The Watersnake Bag"

Seriously...I am getting ready to do a post on turquoise and how it is the "color" of the summer. This bag is out of sight, unfortunately I think it is sold...I will find you, ha! Not to worry there are many more in beautiful colors as seen below.

The Watersnake Jenna Hobo Bags

The story of Beirn is a mother Rita Overzat and her two daughters Ali Trier and Jenna Overzat. After a whirlwind of travels to many countries they decided to design a bag, the Watersnake as a memory to their trip to Indonesia just for themselves. After receiving positive feedback from friends and retailers in 2007 Beirn officially launched their signature "Jenna" hobo. Beirn has since evolved into a company with colorful belts, ballet flats, sandals and as well as many GORGEOUS handbags that are sold worldwide and here at our very own Vermillion.

Intervention Please!!!

 Ballet Flats


More Ballet Flats and Thong Sandals

Carole Tanebaum
"Vintage Collection"

Carole Tanenbaum Vintage Collection is the premiere collection of costume jewelry in North America. Carole has been collecting for over 25 years and now has a collection of 15,000 pieces dating back to the Victorian era through the 80's.. The collection available at Vermillion right now is "Poolside with Slim Aaron's" meets Palm Beach Chic. There are many whites and turquoises pieces to accent your beautiful bronzed skin for the summer and there are also pieces including earrings, brooches, necklaces and bracelets that are special occasions...glamorous!

Available at Amazon

For more information about Carole go to and you can purchase the book "Fabulous Fakes" A Passion for Vintage Costume Jewelry by Carole Tanenbaum 

Lots of beautiful baubles! It just so happens the lady of the week Sarah Jessica Parker Loves Carole Tanenbaum as does Jessica Seinfeld and some other stylish fashionistas.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Michelle Obama

Beauties Jessica Seinfeld and Sarah Jessica Parker
Photos courtesy of Carole Tanenbaum

My favorite beautiful vintage piece with matching earrings is this sweet butterfly it!

So many options, in my hair, on a pretty jacket, you really cannot go wrong.

Stop by tomorrow and Wednesday to see some beauties, the store has never looked better and Ashley is coming off of the high of her Vermillion 5 year party...have I recovered yet?
See you there!

Anya Hindmarch tunic

Saturday, May 22, 2010

An Apple A Day: And we're back

Anna Applegate Interiors

Thank you Anna for your lovely mention of Life of Style on your blog An Apple a Day.
Anna is a designer, based in Winston Salem, NC, with a space at Hunt & Gather here in Raleigh selling a little bit of furniture but mostly home accessories. I always love to check out what new things she has found for her booth and you should too!
Thank you again Anna!
                                 An Apple A Day: And we're back

Breakfast in Bed

Unknown image but so true

As I find myself waking up on a Saturday morning with 3 little munchkins, 2 jumping on my head barking orders, 1 crying from the crib and daddy gone for the first morning of the next 5 this is my thought for the day... ha, how true! I couldn't say it better and if I could find the darn website where I found it I would buy it, frame it and display proudly.
I have a short posting this morning because we have places to go, people to see but stay tuned because I have some great things to post and upcoming events going on this week.
Don't forget to comment on the Wine & Design posting, there are only 3 and a couple live out of town. Also if you are having a hard time becoming a follower let me know, some have told me this is the case and I need to check to the what the problem may be.

Palmer Weiss


I had my first look at Palmer Weiss in maybe Domino but she is a San Francisco, CA based interior designer with southern roots, raised in Charleston SC. Her designs are amazing, eclectic and out of sight and if I could choose a kitchen to sleep in here are few images of some she has in her portfolio that I would in a skinny minute! I will be featuring other works from the talented Mrs. Weiss in the future. I love her use of bold colors and her refined style.

All images courtesy of

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Put a cork in it

Bond Street Imports

As I mentioned in my last post I have two exciting new businesses that I would like to sing their praises... bravo!
Last week I had the opportunity to attend a friend/client's wine tasting event for his company Bond Street Imports at Nana's in Durham, NC.  Bond Street Imports  is a company that was launched in 2005 by Eric Bowers in Charlotte, NC. Bond Street does not"view wine as juice in a bottle but rather as a work of tradition that brings people together for special occasions and provides everyday enjoyment at all levels of sophistication." Bond Street offers access to small and limited production wineries from all over the world and they are considered a boutique. Some offering less 500 cases a year.  Bond Street Imports will do private parties for your business and friends, if you are interested and in the area contact James is one of my clients, based in Raleigh, NC and knows wine almost as well as I know how to drink it so give him a call and he will set you up!  

Eric Bowers founder of Bond Street Imports

The guest speaker of the evening was Alex Gambal a UNC alum whose passion for Burgundy took him from a world of real estate to the French life of producing over 60,000 bottles of exquisite wine that can be found on tables in more than 20 countries. What a dream to follow your passion, move to France and produce some of the finest wines. I must say they were all very savory and each with a unique taste. Visit for more information about Alex and his operation.

Alex Gambal
photos courtesy of Bond Street Imports

Elizabeth, Alex Gambal and the birthday girl Ashley Harris
with a very nice signed special bottle of Burgundy from Alex.

Wine and Design
"Uncorking your Creativity"
213 Bickett Boulevard
Raleigh, NC 27608

Emmy Preiss and Hariett Edwards Mills

These two gorgeous ladies are the talent and vision behind the newest art venture in Raleigh, NC, Wine and Design. I was able to go there for the first time for a birthday party on Sunday and fell in love! I mean really, take your own bottle of wine, pay $35 and they supply your apron, canvas, paint, brushes and anything else you may need. It is the best and you go home with your piece of art!
Our birthday girl chose brown cow because we had a private party and you can choose your own for larger groups.

My brown cow which is perfect in my son's room!

The artist's brown cow...not so bad if I do say so myself!

They have 4 artists to help and guide you through the process, because really it is meant to be fun and relaxing. "We want people to come in relax, leave all their worries at the door, and at the end of the night, be proud of something they did!" Emmy and Harriett
Check out their website for their schedule of paintings and sign-up online They also have information about private parties, children's parties, fundraisers ad more.  
As a special gift to my followers, all comments will be raffled and a drawing will be a $35 certificate to Wine and Design. The winner will be announced on Monday the 24th!
Here are some more pics from our party, everyone did such a great job! 

The finished product...look at the herd!

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