Thursday, May 20, 2010

Put a cork in it

Bond Street Imports

As I mentioned in my last post I have two exciting new businesses that I would like to sing their praises... bravo!
Last week I had the opportunity to attend a friend/client's wine tasting event for his company Bond Street Imports at Nana's in Durham, NC.  Bond Street Imports  is a company that was launched in 2005 by Eric Bowers in Charlotte, NC. Bond Street does not"view wine as juice in a bottle but rather as a work of tradition that brings people together for special occasions and provides everyday enjoyment at all levels of sophistication." Bond Street offers access to small and limited production wineries from all over the world and they are considered a boutique. Some offering less 500 cases a year.  Bond Street Imports will do private parties for your business and friends, if you are interested and in the area contact James is one of my clients, based in Raleigh, NC and knows wine almost as well as I know how to drink it so give him a call and he will set you up!  

Eric Bowers founder of Bond Street Imports

The guest speaker of the evening was Alex Gambal a UNC alum whose passion for Burgundy took him from a world of real estate to the French life of producing over 60,000 bottles of exquisite wine that can be found on tables in more than 20 countries. What a dream to follow your passion, move to France and produce some of the finest wines. I must say they were all very savory and each with a unique taste. Visit for more information about Alex and his operation.

Alex Gambal
photos courtesy of Bond Street Imports

Elizabeth, Alex Gambal and the birthday girl Ashley Harris
with a very nice signed special bottle of Burgundy from Alex.

Wine and Design
"Uncorking your Creativity"
213 Bickett Boulevard
Raleigh, NC 27608

Emmy Preiss and Hariett Edwards Mills

These two gorgeous ladies are the talent and vision behind the newest art venture in Raleigh, NC, Wine and Design. I was able to go there for the first time for a birthday party on Sunday and fell in love! I mean really, take your own bottle of wine, pay $35 and they supply your apron, canvas, paint, brushes and anything else you may need. It is the best and you go home with your piece of art!
Our birthday girl chose brown cow because we had a private party and you can choose your own for larger groups.

My brown cow which is perfect in my son's room!

The artist's brown cow...not so bad if I do say so myself!

They have 4 artists to help and guide you through the process, because really it is meant to be fun and relaxing. "We want people to come in relax, leave all their worries at the door, and at the end of the night, be proud of something they did!" Emmy and Harriett
Check out their website for their schedule of paintings and sign-up online They also have information about private parties, children's parties, fundraisers ad more.  
As a special gift to my followers, all comments will be raffled and a drawing will be a $35 certificate to Wine and Design. The winner will be announced on Monday the 24th!
Here are some more pics from our party, everyone did such a great job! 

The finished product...look at the herd!


June said...

Love your art! i can not wait to go....what a wonderful idea!

melissa said...

what a fun thing to do together!! and your cow looks amazing!

Genna Harris said...

A few of my friends also have done Wine & Design and LOVED it. I am so amazed at how incredible everyone's paintings always turn out...they ALL look amazing. I hope I can attend one of these events when I'm in NC!

Rachel Palmieri said...

I'm going to Wine and Design on Tuesday and am really looking forward to it, even though I have ZERO artistic ability whatsoever :-)

Cindy Yandle said...

My husband and I painted at Wine and Design last night, and we LOVED it! It's fun and relaxing, and everyone leaves with a nice looking, finished work of art. What a great idea for date night!

Lindsay said...

Good to see you Friday night. Let me know if you go back to W&D soon. I'd love to join you.

Jennifer said...

Sound like so much fun! I can't wait to try it out!

Courtney Gulbranson said...

I went to Wine & Design last week for an early birthday celebration with two great friends and we had a blast! We painted the Red Lily and everyone's turned out fabulous! I'm looking forward to returning sometime soon, possibly with my husband for date night. What a cool business!

Maria Hall said...

I've attended Wine & Design three times just in the month of May; and it is the perfect way to turn an ordinary night into an extraordinary night! The laid-back, welcoming vibes and overall package Wine & Design offers is a fun and unique place to escape the everyday grind. It is by far one of my favorite spots to go to in Raleigh; and to top it off you can take home your very own party favor, ART! I cannot wait to return regularly for date nights, private parties and just because...Wine & Design is an absolute must on the list of things to-do!

Cyndi said...

Wine and Design is a such a fun, different thing to do with a group of friends. Everyone's cow looked so good and having help from the artist helped a lot. I had a great time painting with you and definitely want to go back soon!

McKenzie Hussey said...

Love the cow in Harry's room!! Can't wait to go!!

DrLove said...

Had a lot of fun at Wine & Design. I'm an inexperienced painter, and I had fun. You have to go with that attitude. If you take yourself too seriously, this isn't for you. I guess that's why wine is encouraged :)

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