Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Art is Beauty

The Winner is....


Thank you for all your comments on the "Put a cork in it" posting. I know the ladies at Wine and Design are excited about your enthusiasm! The winner for the free session is Rachel Palmieri. Don't forget to take your bottle of wine, hopefully it will help you with your inner Picasso....Enjoy!

NC Museum of Art

I was fortunate enough to have some alone "mommy time" at the NC Museum of Art in Raleigh, NC over the weekend and I have to say it was more than I expected. I took several pictures but not many notes because I was in my place of zen. The Rodin outdoor exhibit was breathtaking! The sculptures were massive, strong and powerful. Having a minor in Art History and attending college here in Raleigh, I have spent many hours in this museum looking at paintings old and new, thinking of what to write and now all I can think is I wish I could go back to Art History class again and pay more attention.
There are still some of the same pieces of Art but they have a different light being on white walls with amazing lighting. I am so happy to live here and be able to take my children to this wonderful place.

Juame Plensa's translucent polyester sculpture, one of a series

Swanky new cafe

Chic new white leather chairs with Eero Saarinen tables

Inspiring Interior, reminds me of the illustrations done by Jeremiah Goodmon

On all my trips to the museum this piece an oil on linen by NC artist John Beerman, titled "Three Tree Two Clouds" always captures me. Obviously the picture does not do it justice but the colors are amazing.


The great French sculptor Auguste Rodin is the highlight of the museum's opening and it is unbelievable!

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