Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chic in the Heat

Some of my all time favorite images are from famed photographer Slim Aarons. His way of "photographing attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places" really appeals to my senses.  I love how everyone looks so refreshed and chic while relaxing by the pool or lounging seaside.
I showed my husband the image above of the car in the water and got good chuckle because it looks so much like our family and reminds me of 4th of July last year being stuck in the sound...if only I would have had an umbrella although I can guarantee we didn't nearly look this cool.
You can see more and purchase Aarons images here
They look amazing in a large scale image for your home like the one featured over the mantle in Lonny.

Stay Cool...

Monday, June 27, 2011

Backyard Bash

Hello my dears, I hope you had a lovely weekend and were able to do something you enjoyed. I for one did and in my last post mentioned my little guy's 2nd birthday, our trip to the beach, and the party we were looking forward to celebrating over the weekend. Thankfully all went well, the party was a success, and I have some great memories for the book.
I can't resist sharing a few pictures from the fun afternoon which included a Monster Backyard Bash theme, a rootsy children's band, cupcakes in ice cream cones my mother made, and some of my favorite people...I love a good party!

It all started with this little invitation I found on Etsy at Party Box Design. Cute, 
inexpensive, and they even sprinkled a little glitter on top.

The birthday boy just waking from his nap to see all that was created while he was in la la land.

The Sandbox Band was a huge hit for everyone, I love Skip to my Lou and they played it twice per my request.

I love this picture and that sweet little face, the one to the left too, that is my daughter.

Look at that little posse of 2 year olds, wonder what this picture will look like in 16 years...

Some of my favorite girls.

I love you little man to the moon and back

Friday, June 24, 2011

Surf's Up

The weekend is here and it couldn't have been a better week so here is to carrying on with the fun ...
My baby boy, the last of my 3 children as in there will be no more babies, turned 2 on Wednesday! He is such a sweet little guy with white blonde hair, a predisposition to danger ( should have been his middle name) and he truly makes me laugh out loud everyday. We had a little family celebration on his special day but tomorrow we having friends and family over  to whoop it up for the little man. I am a firm believer in celebrating your birthday for weeks, it is your 1 special day! I will do a special Sunday post for my sweet Gray and his Backyard Bash.
To start our weekend early, the children and I received a special invitation to visit a friend with her children at the beach last night and it was the perfect getaway. The weather was perfect, breezy, and beautiful! Ahhh sweet summer. 
My trip made me start thinking about beach interiors, coastal living, and my desire to learn paddle boarding.
I would really love to be a cool surfer chic but let's face it that won't be happening in this lifetime so paddle boarding seems like an excellent alternative. The only thing I might be doing with a surfboard is using it to decorate my dream beach house or possibly a client's. I love these images and the dual function the surfboard serves in them...catching waves and home decor. 
Happy Weekend my dear friends, enjoy!

Okay I just have to throw this one in here, no home decor just inspiration...

Images courtesy of PinterestInspire MeDesign Manifest, Coastal Living, House Beautiful

Monday, June 20, 2011

Juju Make Me Happy

Good afternoon friends, I hope the weekend treated you well. 
We had a lovely one here celebrating my mother's birthday and Father's Day. I decided last week to do something that would make my whole family happy in honor of the occasion...camping! For those that know me, especially my husband, I don't camp, so this was a special treat for Father's Day. I will say there is a little hitch to this adventure seeing it was 97 degrees on Saturday, a pop up air conditioned tent. All in all the State park was beautiful, lake refreshing, and camping very relaxing. Glad we did it, score one for mom.

These Juju Hats make me so happy and I would love to have one. Even though they have become a bit trendy I believe they will outlast the fad and be a piece to cherish forever. 
Go here for a little Juju background.
Although I am not sure which color I would choose?

Elle Decor, Odi et Amo, Kronbali

In other happy thoughts for Monday, remember the awesome blue chandelier?

Well, combined with this rug from West Elm...

equals this awesome fitting room for trying on clothes

in this super chic Store.

I adore this F Schumacher fabric we used to cover the banquet/ love seat.

Happy Monday Everyone! 

"If we'd stop trying to be happy we'd have a pretty good time."
Edith Wharton

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kitchen Made

What a splendid week I am having! The cooler temperatures make everyone happy around here. 
It is our first real week of summer vacation with all 3 at home and I have already sent my 4 1/2 year old back to a 3 day summer session today. He did jump with excitement knowing that a few favorite friends would be there but the little guy would lay around in his pj's all day watching Power Rangers if I didn't set up some kind of organized activity for him...maybe that goes for me too, Bravo all day long in my pj's, sounding good right now.

I am doing a light cleanse this week, not the Gwyneth Paltrow Clean Detox but more of a 7 day rejuvenating GNC chocked full of goodies, liquid cleanse. GP's detox has more willpower than I will ever have...repeat ever! 
Hence this cleanse is making me feel wonderful, kind of like a domestic diva in the kitchen that has been a little dormant for the past couple of months. My husband and I are always cooking, preparing wonderful food for our family and friends but I have been feeling a little blah in the preparation department. I have scoured the the online recipes, pulled out my favorite cook books, and renewed my vow for healthy living this week.
While I think it is so important to eat healthy and serve delicious meals to your family. I also think it is of the upmost importance to sit down together at the end of the day and enjoy that time together. Here are some fantastic kitchen breakfast areas that have been in my favorite files. I hope you enjoy them too! 

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