Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kitchen Made

What a splendid week I am having! The cooler temperatures make everyone happy around here. 
It is our first real week of summer vacation with all 3 at home and I have already sent my 4 1/2 year old back to a 3 day summer session today. He did jump with excitement knowing that a few favorite friends would be there but the little guy would lay around in his pj's all day watching Power Rangers if I didn't set up some kind of organized activity for him...maybe that goes for me too, Bravo all day long in my pj's, sounding good right now.

I am doing a light cleanse this week, not the Gwyneth Paltrow Clean Detox but more of a 7 day rejuvenating GNC chocked full of goodies, liquid cleanse. GP's detox has more willpower than I will ever have...repeat ever! 
Hence this cleanse is making me feel wonderful, kind of like a domestic diva in the kitchen that has been a little dormant for the past couple of months. My husband and I are always cooking, preparing wonderful food for our family and friends but I have been feeling a little blah in the preparation department. I have scoured the the online recipes, pulled out my favorite cook books, and renewed my vow for healthy living this week.
While I think it is so important to eat healthy and serve delicious meals to your family. I also think it is of the upmost importance to sit down together at the end of the day and enjoy that time together. Here are some fantastic kitchen breakfast areas that have been in my favorite files. I hope you enjoy them too! 


kcinteriors said...

Love these kitchens!! You are inspiring me to start cooking healthy again.

eclecticrevisited said...

what lovely kitchens..I much prefer cooking in a fabulous and well appointed seems so much easier and more enjoyable to cook healthy when your kitchen is in the black painted walls of the dining room too...

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