Monday, June 27, 2011

Backyard Bash

Hello my dears, I hope you had a lovely weekend and were able to do something you enjoyed. I for one did and in my last post mentioned my little guy's 2nd birthday, our trip to the beach, and the party we were looking forward to celebrating over the weekend. Thankfully all went well, the party was a success, and I have some great memories for the book.
I can't resist sharing a few pictures from the fun afternoon which included a Monster Backyard Bash theme, a rootsy children's band, cupcakes in ice cream cones my mother made, and some of my favorite people...I love a good party!

It all started with this little invitation I found on Etsy at Party Box Design. Cute, 
inexpensive, and they even sprinkled a little glitter on top.

The birthday boy just waking from his nap to see all that was created while he was in la la land.

The Sandbox Band was a huge hit for everyone, I love Skip to my Lou and they played it twice per my request.

I love this picture and that sweet little face, the one to the left too, that is my daughter.

Look at that little posse of 2 year olds, wonder what this picture will look like in 16 years...

Some of my favorite girls.

I love you little man to the moon and back


melissa said...

this is precious! happy birthday little one.

kcinteriors said...

Such a cute party!! Your kids are adorable.

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