Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chic in the Heat

Some of my all time favorite images are from famed photographer Slim Aarons. His way of "photographing attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places" really appeals to my senses.  I love how everyone looks so refreshed and chic while relaxing by the pool or lounging seaside.
I showed my husband the image above of the car in the water and got good chuckle because it looks so much like our family and reminds me of 4th of July last year being stuck in the sound...if only I would have had an umbrella although I can guarantee we didn't nearly look this cool.
You can see more and purchase Aarons images here
They look amazing in a large scale image for your home like the one featured over the mantle in Lonny.

Stay Cool...

1 comment:

Emily-Claire Ballou said...

Thank you for sharing his work! I really like his images and vision. The scene of the pool with the mountains in the distance... um, who wouldn't want to be there this second?! Great blog! :)

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