Friday, June 24, 2011

Surf's Up

The weekend is here and it couldn't have been a better week so here is to carrying on with the fun ...
My baby boy, the last of my 3 children as in there will be no more babies, turned 2 on Wednesday! He is such a sweet little guy with white blonde hair, a predisposition to danger ( should have been his middle name) and he truly makes me laugh out loud everyday. We had a little family celebration on his special day but tomorrow we having friends and family over  to whoop it up for the little man. I am a firm believer in celebrating your birthday for weeks, it is your 1 special day! I will do a special Sunday post for my sweet Gray and his Backyard Bash.
To start our weekend early, the children and I received a special invitation to visit a friend with her children at the beach last night and it was the perfect getaway. The weather was perfect, breezy, and beautiful! Ahhh sweet summer. 
My trip made me start thinking about beach interiors, coastal living, and my desire to learn paddle boarding.
I would really love to be a cool surfer chic but let's face it that won't be happening in this lifetime so paddle boarding seems like an excellent alternative. The only thing I might be doing with a surfboard is using it to decorate my dream beach house or possibly a client's. I love these images and the dual function the surfboard serves in them...catching waves and home decor. 
Happy Weekend my dear friends, enjoy!

Okay I just have to throw this one in here, no home decor just inspiration...

Images courtesy of PinterestInspire MeDesign Manifest, Coastal Living, House Beautiful

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