Saturday, May 22, 2010

Breakfast in Bed

Unknown image but so true

As I find myself waking up on a Saturday morning with 3 little munchkins, 2 jumping on my head barking orders, 1 crying from the crib and daddy gone for the first morning of the next 5 this is my thought for the day... ha, how true! I couldn't say it better and if I could find the darn website where I found it I would buy it, frame it and display proudly.
I have a short posting this morning because we have places to go, people to see but stay tuned because I have some great things to post and upcoming events going on this week.
Don't forget to comment on the Wine & Design posting, there are only 3 and a couple live out of town. Also if you are having a hard time becoming a follower let me know, some have told me this is the case and I need to check to the what the problem may be.

Palmer Weiss


I had my first look at Palmer Weiss in maybe Domino but she is a San Francisco, CA based interior designer with southern roots, raised in Charleston SC. Her designs are amazing, eclectic and out of sight and if I could choose a kitchen to sleep in here are few images of some she has in her portfolio that I would in a skinny minute! I will be featuring other works from the talented Mrs. Weiss in the future. I love her use of bold colors and her refined style.

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1 comment:

Marie said...

I love that kitchen...yellow is a perfect color

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