Thursday, September 16, 2010

Inspire Me

Today I hope I can find the excitement and inspiration that I lost somewhere between my backspace key and enter last night after a couple good hours of working on my post...gone in 1 second, darn technology!
I was so excited about it being Wines day, Wednesday for those of you who may not know the term, maybe part of the problem. It was a gorgeous afternoon, evening, and the children were playing so nicely in the yard while I was working away outside, yes bring on fall!
My favorite mags are on the stands and in my mailbox for October... House Beautiful and Elle Decor do not disappoint after briefly flipping through.
Although everything happens for a reason... I woke today with an email in my inbox from Lonny Mag and they have introduced their website This leaves me with a feeling of euphoria, sheer bliss, I miss Domino so badly and Lonny fills the void creatively but I miss the magazine, in print. The new website allows you to search the archives, see rooms, and other features that the previous site did not allow you to do. Hence, Happy Day!

I must say a visit that has made my week and fueled my inspiration was spending time yesterday with a friend and colleague, Betty Eatman Nelson in her family's showroom Eatman's Carpet and Interiors in Raleigh, NC. There is nothing more exciting than someone who shares your love and passion for interiors and all the pretty little details that make those spaces. Betty a 3rd generation Eatman is working along with her family to make Eatman's a company her grandfather established over 50 years ago one that maintains the integrity of the past but the promise and change of the future.
One of Betty's newest ventures with Eatman's is the launch of Inspire Me a blog dedicated to designers, new products, and inspiration.

Eatman's Carpet and Interiors is a great resource for designers as well as a place for the public.  I can tell you there are a few things I think that a gal needs and I left Eatman's yesterday with a more added to my list!

Beautiful custom designed sisal rugs as well as wool as seen in the July issue of House Beautiful.

Shelter Pop via Town & Country

Madeline Weinrib fabrics available by the yard and yes they are to die for! MW has some of the most gorgeous Ikats on the market and they are hand dyed in Uzbekistan through the traditional method.

Samples on the ring, yes I will take on of each...

Madeline Weinrib

Visual Comfort Lighting which happens to be my absolute favorite lighting company!

These are certainly just a few favorites to name but there are definitely more where these came from at Eatman's Have a great day and drop me a line if there is anything out there inspiring you today!

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