Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lela Rose and Stylish Bloggers

Hello Wednesday and all the sunshine you bring, what a beautiful day!
I am feeling a little pep in my step today and excited to to share with you a few tidbits.

 A dear friend, who I mentioned in a previous post this summer Problem Solved is Ashley Vermillion Harris the creative genius behind her ladies clothing store Vermillion located here in Raleigh, NC. I was green with envy,(still am) because she attended the Spring 2010 fashion show at the home of fashion designer Lela Rose in her Tribeca home and drum roll, to top that she had the pleasure of meeting Celerie Kemble. Really, how lucky can one gal be? That is my girl always bumping elbows with the people you dream of.
Ashley has started a blog for Vermillion and has detailed her adventure as well as links to the NY Times article and pictures of Rose's home which is amazing and very different from what you may expect based on her classic somewhat conservative designs...a must see.

This is part of dining room.

Lela's son's room, the shape of the bed and the colors I love.

On a really fun note Maureen from Eclectic Revisited awarded me the Stylish Blogger Award. Thank you so much Maureen, I look forward to paying it forward and would definietly give it back to you but that would be the 3rd Stylish Blogger!  So what is a stylish blogger, well not really sure other than the rules listed below...kind of like one of those chain letters you get only it sounds more chic? 
After receiving this award you have to pay it forward and follow the rules:
#1) Thank and link back to the person who awarded you.
#2) Share 7 things about yourself.
#3) Award 10 great bloggers that you have RECENTLY discovered
#4) Contact those bloggers and tell them about the award

…and to all our readers…thank-you for reading and encouraging us bloggers…sometimes it’s a lonely world until we get “discovered” and things pick up… and by all means…post comments to as many of the blogs you drop in on, just to say “Hi”, and that you appreciate what that blogger has to offer… it makes a big difference in being able to keep up with blogging…..

1. My favorite place while in New York is Bergdorf Goodman and my husband likes it too.

2. I collect milk glass and blue and white antique china

3. I adore peacocks on anything and everything

4. I prefer vintage jewelry over fine new jewelry

5. I am an animal lover, zebra, cheetah, you name it

6. My favorite color is green

7. I am an Aries and all that it entails...

So on my list I would like to award the Stylish Blogger Award to:

Naomi at Design Manifest

Tammy at In Stitches

Ashley at Design Parlor

Betty at Inspire Me

Happy Winesday to all and to all a good day! 


Lindsey Suggs said...

Nice!! Congrats!!

eclecticrevisited said...

Hi Elizabeth,
love blue and white antique china also...and enjoyed learning about all the other things about you...(and your husband)
have a great day...

Tammy@InStitches said...

Hi Elizabeth, I love peacock and animal print too ! Thanks so much for the award, so nice of you to think of me. I look forward to checking out some of the other blogs.

ashley cooper said...

Elizabeth, You are just the sweetest!!! Thank you for this chic blogging award! (Congrats on yours) I love that we can look to each others blogs for inspiration. I will definitely be paying it forward. Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

Life of Style said...

Thanks ladies, I am so happy happy to pay it forward, there are so many talented and creative people like yourselves that inspire me everyday!

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