Thursday, January 6, 2011

Carpe Diem

Happy New Year and Happy Day to you. It is hard to believe the year 2011 is upon us when it wasn't terribly long ago that this year seemed like something out of a Sci-fi movie. Well here we are a New Year, new goals, challenges, and a fresh palette.
It was a year ago when I wrote down my business/personal goals for 2010 and this blog was first on the list. I never anticipated what it would do for me, my business or even how many people if any would visit. I am overwhelmed and thankful for all the support each one of you have given me on this journey. Never in my wildest dreams did I anticipate a following from around the world, I was just hoping for my friends to follow. 
So for 2011 please drop me a line, if there is something you would like to see more of please do tell, and if you want to just say make my day! 
For now, I am off to organize, clean, and try to stay the course of my New Year's resolutions.
I am considering a Gwynnie Paltrow Cleanse for the body although I will say I am not very good at these things but the holiday food, sweets, and tasty beverages are taking a toll on the bod. It is time to take charge of the situation as well as my office which was turned into Santa's work shop, and my home that has been taken over by little people all under 4 ft. tall.
Hope you all have a lovely day. 


i4Design said...

Your blogs always inspire me! I am a very premature blogger so it is great to learn from the pros!

Carter said...

Hi Elizabeth! This is Carter Grimes. Not sure if you remember me, I stumbled onto your blog from another design blog, and I thought, " this the same Elizabeth Goodwin that was in my color group in Junior League?" I haven't seen you in ages, but it looks like you're doing great. Congrats on such a wonderful blog and fabulous taste!

Peace Love & All Things Creative said...

LOVE the closet in picture #4...gorgeous!
check out my blog:)

Life of Style said...
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Life of Style said...

thanks for stopping by ladies!
@i4design + @AllThingsCreative, you're design blogs look lovely! i'll incorporate into my daily reads for sure.
@Carter, it's great to hear from you! it's great to read about your family fun on your blog!

please keep in touch, everyone!

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