Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wanderlust Wednesday

Hello friends, happy hump day to you.
 In an attempt to maintain somewhat of a schedule going forward on this blog I am going to add in some features here and there, some still yet to be determined. I will be featuring weekly interviews with interior designers and the first one on my list make me really EXCITED so stay tuned to see who is giving me the scoop. Here is a little hint...she has a famous sister that cracks me up weekly. Any guesses?
Wednesday has turned into my travel day. No, I am not actually traveling anywhere other than my usual haunts but since I have a yearning to go somewhere fabulous with no exotic trips in sight, I thought what better travel companions than you? Every Wednesday we will be traveling somewhere different, unique, and fun so pack your bags! 
Today we are visiting this amazing castle in the English countryside. What does it feel like to be queen for a day? Well I surely could call this palace a home. Regal from the outside but updated and cozy on the inside. In the grand scheme of things is this castle to much to ask for? Well yes maybe, that is why we are just visiting.
To see more gorgeous images visit Shoot Factory


i4Design said...

I will look forward to traveling each week. Great idea. And this castle, gorgeous! I could be queen for more than a day!

Life of Style said...

WOuldn't you just love to visit this castle and maybe take your bags with you? Can't wait to travel again!

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