Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Day all my dears and Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers and the most stylish special, talented, fun-loving, and inspiring women in my life...I love you! 

Motherhood is by far the most rewarding experience and I am so thankful everyday for the oppurtunity to have these little miracles, to help guide them and find their own unique ways in this world...what a unbelievable experience as well as blessing! 

I am at the coast this weekend enjoying beautiful weather, feet in the sand with family and my own lovely mother who is the best mom and nana in the world. 
I have been reflecting on our past (with my mother), thinking about her sacrifices for me, and the challenges we faced. Believe you me being a single mom, living with a temperamental child like myself, whew! 
It is so remarkable to see where we are today and the full circle of life. I cannot thank you enough for taking that leap of faith as a young 18 year old girl. My life is fulfilled, happy, I can only hope to measure up to my mother with her unconditional love and that my children will love me as dearly as I do her.
Enjoy your day!

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