Thursday, July 7, 2011

Country Living

Well hello there, I honestly cannot believe it is already Friday eve again. My family has been on a bit of a stay-cation this week, as my husband likes to call it... a vacation at home. It has been rather enjoyable although I cannot wait for the real deal! 
I can't let the week get away without posting some shots I took last weekend at a friend's farm for their son's birthday has given me inspiration this week.
 I fell in love with Sarah and Craven Bridger's slice of heaven just outside of town and have been daydreaming since about my own green acres. Together they have created a whimsical abode capable of keeping you entertained for hours on end. A pond to fish in, gator to get you there, chickens to chase, vegetables to eat, pretty flowers to pick, and plenty of beautiful places to relax...hmm, what else do you need? I am realizing more and more everyday not much else. Thank you Bridgers for sharing! 

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