Monday, August 1, 2011

Fresh Flowers for your Day

Good morning, Monday is off to a good start. I finally feel back in my groove, recharged and ready to go. I picked up these beautiful purple roses last week at the wholesaler, appropriately named Ocean Breeze. In my blue porcelain pot these are my 2 favorite things in my home right now. Fresh flowers can brighten any day and home so if you have some in your yard bring them inside or pick some up at the market, it will make your week special!
I always love shades of purple but lately I just can't get enough, with accents of orange it is so fresh, and earth tones make it mature. 

Images unknown, Madeline Weinrib rug, Katie Ridder, and Angie Hranowsky 


kcinteriors said...

Beautiful flowers! I've been in a purple mode too as well. It's such a pretty color. I LOVE the eggplant walls you did in your client's home and that entryway is to die for! Wow!!

Green Mountain Realty said...

Those flowers are so beautiful and the walls are fabulous, wish we had you here, great work,

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