Friday, September 9, 2011

A Girl's Best Friend

There are few things in this world that make me really ecstatic other than the obvious no brainer, kids, husband, pets, and time with family...the kind of joy that one experiences day in and out. 
It so happens that one of my guilty little feel good pleasures is a great pattern or print. No, not the wall kind although they do make me happy, I am speaking of a beautiful print on a fabric, wallpaper, or piece of is sometimes enough to make me squeal out loud with delight. I know this may sound silly to some but for those of you, and you know who you are, there is nothing like seeing a divine print for the first time. 
It recently came up with a client about using an existing print she has in her home in another room with a different color way? I just have to say, there are too many beautiful ones out there to limit yourself...I want to use them all! 
One such print that I have squirreled away for the perfect project is this Orchid wallpaper by
Cole and Son. It is certainly nothing new and has been around but like a fine wine ages with time. I pull it out every now and then as I do this image with the orchid paper in model/actress Molly Sims office by designer Kishani Perera
What a lovely combo, a gal's personal space with a fabulous paper on the wall, something everyone should have if at all possible.

Other color ways available

The orchid makes a nice background for a collection of black and whites in this San Francisco Designer Showhouse 

Another print that is getting some consideration for a project is this chic animal print Sabu by Rose Cumming. It is available in 4 cotton, linen, and outdoor...really what else could you ask for? I am ready to wrap myself up in Sabu and put my party shoes on!

Speaking of party shoes, it is time to put mine on to hit the town this evening with the hubs. Elation is setting in because we are home alone all weekend and fun times are on the horizon.
Check in next week for my pattern of the week and a fun home giveaway.
 Hope you all have a good one! 

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