Friday, March 26, 2010

Bring on the animals

I just received the April 2010 issue of Harper's Bazaar and wow Demi Moore on a ladder in 6, 7 inches heels maybe more by Alexander McQueen, feeding a giraffe. I mean how lucky can one lady be? The article is interesting and Demi talks about she does not like to be referred to as a "cougar" but a puma but then someone told her "pumas are only for people in their 30's." Yippee fellow thirty friends we are pumas! Needless to say Demi is a beauty in her on right on the inside and out it seems and she is married to Ashton Kutcher, who can Punk me anytime...did I just say that???!!!

I am a lover of animal prints and think they should be worn as a staple with any outfit whether it be shoes, scarf, vest, belt or what most of the stylish ladies have , coats. Kate Moss wears vintage leopard and rocks the look like no one else...although Kate Hudson is a close second in full body leopard!

For the little chic tots in your life a little dose of spots. How cute are these bloomers with a a tiny tee! If you love these run don't walk to Moxie Kids, they are the last pair.

Nina Campbell
Sylvan Bagatelle
The other day when I met with the Osborne and Little rep there were quite a few crocodile fabrics and wall coverings which I have to save the colors were exquisite! Osborne and Little's collection is Onyx-Caiman and it comes in your basic colors black, white, a pretty slate color.

Designers Guild has a vibrant crock collection, Nabucco which also comes in fabric and wall coverings. Shown below are beautiful peony and moss...gorgeous! This collection happens to featured in the April issue of Traditional Home.

Last but certainly not least is Nina Campbell's Sylvana Bagatelle Spot which is more animal than crock. The colors are so fresh and exciting I just can't help myself...anyone want to try one before I do something drastic!!!

Since we are still on the brink of Spring and those chilly nights I wanted to post this awesome dinner party idea that in Lucky magazine a few months ago! Set-up your outdoor fireplace, fire-pit, chiminia and buy some inexpensive sheepskins as chair covers to keep you warm and cozy. I found inexpensive small sheepskins at Costco and there is a little leather store at the local flea market that sells them for super cheap! She has prosecco served in little juice glasses with blackberries. It just looks like a fun cool spring night dinner party....hmm maybe for a farm!

Lucky Magazine

Okay I am off for a much needed little girls retreat for some R and R and I hope that means rest and relaxation and not rocking and rolling at the beach! Happy Weekend to everyone and enjoy this beautiful weather!

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