Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rock the Casbah

 Raquel 69 and still Rockin


 Raquel Welch was on the Oprah show yesterday because she has come out with a new book Raquel: Beyond the Cleavage. She has been a sex symbol for over 40 years and you may recognize her from all those One Million B.C. posters where she looks like an exotic but gorgeous cave woman. She is a 69 year old mother of 2 and grandmother and I will say one rockin granny!  

                                                     Thrill of The Hunt

  I was in Wilmington, NC this weekend and ran into this fun little store and it is exactly what it is...Thrill of the Hunt 4713 Oleandar! If you are that way Easter weekend I would recommend checking it out. Also I will be making a trip again very soon to pick up a few things so let me know if there is anything in particular you are looking for. Everthing is refurbished and priced really well. All the pictures below are items that under $100!

side table $89

another side table for under $100

small coffee table
pretty gold mirror...yes under $100

Olivia Palermo

NY Times

Olivia Palermo has just come out with a new line of jewelry with Roberta Freyman. They combined their "passion for accessories, fashion and international travel." The pieces are inspired and named after their favorite cites, Berlin, Paris and New York. The necklaces are beautiful and can be bought online http://www.robertafreymann.com/. Olivia does has great taste as the few shots from her Manhattan apartment show.

NY Times

NY Times

           NY Times

Another fantastic closet I could spend a lot of time in...love the zebra carpet, animals prints a staple!
Now onto the Olivia collection for Roberta

Le Marais


Necklace photos courtesy of http://www.robertafreymann.com/

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