Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Put on your big Girl Shoes

and deal with it...


Yes, I have been away. It has been a long week, I have been taken hostage by a group of 10, five year old children, have had the wind taken out of my sails but I am back and ready to work!
Inspiration, I am inspired everyday by my surroundings, mainly my children... this week 10. They are so young, sweet and innocent to the world they live in. If only I could capture that time in a bottle and sell it by the dozen, what a wealthy woman I would be.

My daughter has a favorite book we read sometimes and tonight she pulled it out of the bookshelf, "Birdie's Big-Girl Shoes" by SuJean Rim...Just the inspiration mommy needed! "Birdie's Big-Girl Shoes" is the story of a lovely little girl, Birdie and the desperate desire to wear her mother's beautiful stiletto high heel shoes. With the help of her side-kick dog Monster, Birdie convinces her mother to let her wear her Big Girl shoes.  Although Birdie feels beautiful and glamorous in her mother's shoes she is unable to "shim sham" or play hide and seek in her peep toes! Birdie decides she prefers bare feet to stilettos and that she is not quite ready for grown up shoes yet.

SuJean Rim's illustrations are colorful, vivid and very full of life. She can paint a picture of a mean stiletto but the interior illustrations she depicts are also very real and inspiring. Birdie has an adorable little Eames rocker in her room...tres chic Birdie!
Sue Jean Rim also does commission illustrations for Dailycandy, Barney's and Tiffany's & Co. to name a few.

Color Be Happy

Acapulco Chairs via Daily Candy available at LeGrenier Brooklyn

M Design Interiors

Design Sponge via Sarah Hicks Malone


Ginger Brewton Interiors

Ruby Green

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