Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Where in the World

This week has been a great one, I have stayed the course in attempting to mark off all the items on my to do list, it has been full of exciting little surprises, and today a mid- week burst of warm weather. What more can you ask for? Things are looking good!

Today we are heading to the exotic and oh so divine home and boutique hotel of photographer, writer, Maryam Montague. Peacock Pavilions is a little slice of heaven located in the very north tip of Africa in Marrakesh, (Marrakech) Morocco. Given its name from the peacocks that roam the 9 acre property all I can think of is booking my next trip to this oasis in the olive grove.

Maryam, her architect husband and their 2 young children relocated from the States to Marrakesh and her house hunt was featured on an episode of HGTV's International House Hunt, you can see the footage Here. she started a blog where she chronicles her life there, the stunning design of Peacock Pavilions, and in general all things My Marrakesh. The photos Maryam posts are awe inspiring as well as her story and I hope you will find that too in our travel today.

All Photos courtesy My Marrakesh

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Anonymous said...

fabulous colors...and exotic it...I'm so into textural fabrics...and these are gorgeous..

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