Monday, June 7, 2010

A Documentary for Icon Lovers

"Smash His Camera"

If you love Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and like to read magazines with celebrities cruising around town with their kids in tow or surfing the waves in St. Barth's, then you might want to watch the documentary on HBO tonight at 9:00 about Ron Galella.
Galella one of the first celebrity paparazzi and remains notorious because of his pursuit of the former First Lady. Last week the blog Habitually Chic posted information about the upcoming documentary and a book published in 1974 by Galella titled "Jacqueline". 
Of course this made me curious because I think Jackie O is the biggest icon of all time and some of the pictures posted I had seen before and hadn't been able to place... So I ordered it.
Well luck has it that it came in the mail today from a second hand book shop found through Amazon. It is second hand and is even addressed to the original owner, encouraging them to add to their collection and learn and grow, love mom and dad. Guess this book doesn't fit in the category of collecting or learning and growing...for them.
It does not disappoint, the images are great! Capturing Jackie vacationing on the island of Skorpios, Greece with her then husband, Aristotle Onassis. Tennis matches with Caroline and riding bikes with young John. She always looks chic, perhaps that is why she is an icon. I will say I would be annoyed and yelling "Smash his Camera" and not looking calm, cool or collected much less chic, so props to Mrs. Onassis.


Photos courtesy of Ron Galella "Jaqueline" and Habitually Chic


kp said...

So great Elizabeth. I am loving your blog and think you are doing a fantastic job! xo

Life Style said...

Good job thanks for share.
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