Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Urban Dwelling


I must tell you I am excited for a few reasons today, the 1st being my baby turned 1 today and we celebrated with fresh off the press Krispy Kreme Donuts this morning...nice way to start the day!
I am also equally excited and eagerly awaiting my samples from Dwell Studio for Robert Allen which just launched with 72 available custom fabric  patterns! Of course I will not be receiving all 72 but some of my favorites that I think my clients will love.

Dwell Studio is the baby of Canadian born Christiane Lemieux, a graduate of Parson's School of Design, wife and mother of 2 1/2 (lab Jake included in the 1/2). Lemieux is the founder and Creative Director of DwellStudio and DwellStudio for Target. Lemieux has branded herself  urban chic with home accessories with categories in baby, children, home and table.


DwellStudio bedding is available in sets currently and can be mixed with vibrant wallpaper and accessories for a custom designed room.

An inspiration board shown on DwellStudio's blog shows their creative thinking that inspired them to create their Peacock "Citrine" collection. What a gorgeous collaboration of colors...
These are some of the samples shown of the DwellStudio Collection for Robert Allen.

All Photos courtesy of DwellStudio and DwellStudio Blog

What an exciting new venture for DwellStudio and exciting new prints for us to choose from!

Party Pops


I do have a refreshing treat that I found today in this month's InStyle magazine that I am going to try for the weekend, Peach & Prosecco Ice Pops...enough said!

3 cups unsweetened white grape juice
1 cup prosecco ( or ginger beer for non-alcoholic)
3 tbsp lemon juice
6 peaches sliced

Combine grape juice, Prosecco, and lemon juice in a container with a pour spout. Place 1 or 2 peach slices in each ice pop mold. Gently pour liquid over the peaches. Cover mold with aluminum foil, secure your Popsicle sticks, and freeze for at least 12 hours.


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