Friday, June 4, 2010

In Their Words

Anthropologie is kicking off its second season of their online site "Anthropologist" with fashion and equine photographer, Donna DeMari. The "Anthropologist" is a site that spotlights unique individuals with their passions and pursuits.
DeMari has photographed the likes of models such as Heidi Klum and Kate Moss and she was also the first Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition photographer. It is in memory of her chocolate labs Forrest and Luke in her work "recollection" that are the focus of June's "Anthropologist" Labrador brothers, Forrest and Luke carried their master through the best times of her life and the worst. In her words they were the "loves of her life".
The photos are beautiful and her words are moving, of course I am an animal lover and have a soft spot for labradors but her work with horses is equally amazing as is her fashion. I am lucky to have photographers as friends and the way their pictures and the subjects they photograph speak to you always amazes me at their talent.
Here is a sampling of DeMari's "recollection" and you can see other pieces from her portfolio at

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