Friday, June 18, 2010

Refreshing Friday

Refreshing Poolside Retreats

Aerin Lauder

Oh the heat, 90 degrees at lunch and counting, the poor men putting out mulch in my yard and making it beautiful...I admire their work ethic, thank you! If only I had one of these amazingly chic pools in my yard to offer them some reward after all their hard work. Well, maybe for me too, sipping on drinks, sunning on a float, then getting thrown off by a kid or two! Wishful thinking but maybe these pictures will offer some kind of relief from this heat and humidity. 

Kelly Wearstler The Tides Hotel

Fashion Designer Cynthia Rowley

One King's Lane

Cindy Crawford

Slim Aarons

Ellen Pompeo

Griffith Residence

Slim Aarons
Photos courtesy of Elle Decor, One King's Lane, Pulp and Soda, House Beautiful and Slim Aarons

Dive In!

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