Friday, December 3, 2010

Favorites For You

Happy Friday all my friends I am so thankful for this weekend and for a wonderful week. Bittersweet for me it was, my grandfather at the ripe age of 91 left this world for eternal sunshine above.  Although his mind had left us some time ago we celebrated his life and the legacy he left behind. 
I was able to spend some much needed time with my grandmother his wife of 66 years and marvel at her strengths, talents, and beauty. When I was growing up and would visit my grandparents the trouble I would get into to was worth the sacrifice for plundering through the house. They were and to date are avid collectors, antique, estate, goodwill, you name it...heaven! I could spend, hours, days, for certain weeks.  My grandmother attends regularly an upholstering class to which she informed me that she was working on an antique sofa! Impressive and so inspiring.
I do love Friday and this Friday I have some new favorites on my list.
Hope you enjoy!

For the best new online read with great recipes, holiday decor and 140 pages of Southern goodness look no further than Southern Flourish.

Tory Burch is mixing and matching this season. I adore the mix of all the texture, pattern, and color.

All I want for Christmas is this vintage Zebra, who doesn't like taxidermy in small doses?

The most beautiful and wonderful smelling flower this time of year...
Paper whites

In the next couple of days you can add some bulbs to a terra cotta pot like this and the paper whites will bloom by Christmas.

A chic book "photographing attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places." Slim Aarons the world renowned photographer offers a glimpse into an era where time seems to stand still.  

Happy Friday


ashley cooper said...

Awhhh...I am so in love with Tory Burch's layering, too. I want to make a belt like like that!! Adorable!

Lindsay said...

So sorry to hear about your grandfather. I was just catching up on your blog and read this post. Hope to see you sometime soon over the holidays!

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