Monday, October 25, 2010

A Few for the Day

Hello Monday, I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I know it was beautiful here in NC and this morning I must say was one of the prettiest I have experienced this fall. I do love the time before daylight savings because you can experience sunrise and it not as painfully early as other times of the year.
Today I am all over the place, not so much physically but mentally. I have a few projects wrapping up, in the middle of another, and in the beginning stages of one that is so fun... I am eagerly on the hunt for the perfect accessories, furniture, and am excited about diving in!
I thought I would share what is on my mind and a few of my favorite things to start off the week.


I need wallpaper for a powder room, so many choices, which one to choose? 
Zebras, Orchids and Fireworks just to name a few.

Winged Headboards

I just can't get enough of this style headboard. Wing chairs originated in the late 1700's were designed to keep in heat from the fireplaces and built tall to shield a cold draft.  So chic in the bedroom as a headboard and maybe they will keep in a little heat as well.

Hillary Thomas Designs

Designer Hillary Thomas has mad design skills and her work is sensational and so inspiring. I love her use of color but also her ability to make the neutrals seem less than blase'. You may be able to catch some of her treasures left for sale on One King's Lane as she is the featured designer on their Tastemaker's Tag Sale until tomorrow.


Emma Jane Pilkington House & Garden

Lauder residence source Unknown

The color pink one of my favorites so feminine but yet so powerful this month as we honor those who have been affected by breast cancer and advocate for them by raising money to fight this disease that has touched so many of us.


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Naomi@ThirteenandSouth said...

love all the wallpapers. I'm doing a powder room in O&L's asuka.. can't wait!!

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