Saturday, October 9, 2010

Natural Decor

This week has been gorgeous, a true fall lover's dream. I bought a monsterous $25 (seriously) pumpkin for our front stoop to please my children, found the most beautiful dahlia's in a beautiful reddish orange tint for an arrangement and had the joy of chaperoning my 5 year olds lively kindergarten class on their field trip yesterday to a farm. It is always amazing to me especially this time of year and spring what beauty abounds from nature and how easily it can be used around your home to add stylish seasonal decor.

White or lumina pumpkins happen to be my favorite this time of year and they are beautiful as table arrangements, on fireplace mantles or just around the house. Their color is unique and somewhat exotic.

Martha Stewart

Another perfect and festive arrangement by Martha Stewart.

Designer Barrie Benson on the October 2007 cover of Domino with luminas in her playroom. A great cover with gorgeous colors!

Photographer Carol Spinski uses these beautiful lumina pumpkins above and below for her photography in her gorgeous farmhouse. You can see more of her work at her website Raised in Cotton.

I have seen many cotton fields and there is nothing more unique in decoration than clusters of cotton boll stems, so natural and southern.

A popular month for weddings Flights of Fancy featured a collage with the use of cotton in flower arrangements, bouquets and, other fun accents for the festivities.

Flights of Fancy

This setting makes for a fun dinner party.

Framed Table

Hope you enjoy your weekend and all the beauty around you!

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