Friday, October 15, 2010

My Life is an Open Book

Hello, welcome to Life of Style and today I am so excited to be participating in Hello Splendor's first ever Blog Crawl. It has been entertaining, fun and inspiring to read every one's stories... I have loved getting to know you! Adorable Hilary of Hilary Inspired shared her chic loft in Fort Worth yesterday and I am looking forward to hearing Allison's story Monday of AlliBakes...Allison what will you wear to that wedding in Marfa?

the author and story
to Alice and Wonderland

That's me, Elizabeth Goodwin, the gal behind Life of Style, Elizabeth Goodwin Interiors, wife, mom of 3, friend, jack of all I am not so much Alice but vary daily with the cast of eccentric characters!

The white rabbit possibly my constant character "Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!"
Always racing the clock.

the setting

My story, my life, takes place in beautiful Raleigh, NC

and wonderland where all the madness takes place

the characters

Mr. the water to my fire, my partner in crime and my rock.

My budding artist, aka graffiti monster, loves to draw everywhere but paper. Spirited and spunky that is how we love here!

My love, dirt and bugs are his favorite. He never meets a stranger and is a gentle soul.

The wild child, at 15 months old he hasn't seen a table he didn't want to climb on or a bar he doesn't want to dance on top of. Loves danger, his brother, sister and little blankie.

My 1st love, my fur baby is 10 this year and I can't say enough about my love for her.

the plot

Growing up I was always interested in the arts, fashion, and interiors. There was a lot of plundering and house touring in my childhood...not much has changed!
I graduated from Meredith College in Raleigh, NC with a BS in Interior Design. At the young age of 22 I was feeling a little overwhelmed and unsure of what direction my life would go...of course! I worked in furniture, design and even switched to high-end retail for a period looking for my niche. Meantime I was thinking of moving, no cute boys left in town and so happened a friend invited me to a New Year's Eve Party. I met the Mr. there and the rest is history.

This would be the Mr. and I taking the plunge into Wonderland which is wonderful, crazy, sometimes insane but always a wild ride!

Yes, sometimes I wonder if we are officially this crazy?

the twist

I made the decision to stay home after my daughter was born and I am so thankful to be fortunate enough to do so. I came from a working family and always hoped that I would be able to be at home when my children needed me. After child number 2 and endless thoughts about my own business I decided to start Elizabeth Goodwin Interiors which gives me that flexibility. Of course learning to operate and navigate your own business in your home is a full-time job!
A year into this venture enters baby number 3...
This is where it gets CRAZY!
Life of Style is born as an extension of Elizabeth Goodwin Interiors.
A little piece of me and a place for me to share all the lovelies I find along the way. Technically challenged yes I am, an Open Book I am not but I am sharing this time.
 I am enjoying navigating this new blogging world and love the friends I am making along the way. So please stop by and say hello anytime, it is always a pleasure to hear from you!

Photos courtesy of  NY Daily News, Ten Gossip, Phreckles Photography, SMV Blog, Gizmodo


HilaryInspired said...

I can totally relate to being young, overwhelmed and unsure of direction...there are just so many options but at the same time the right opportunity can be hard to come by. Thanks so much for sharing your story, Elizabeth! You have a beautiful family and I enjoyed learning about your crazy, Wonderland-like life. :-)

ashley cooper said...

I am a new reader of your blog and I love your posts, so much that I featured you on my blog as my, "favorite blog of the week". I loved your post on ALI, I saw her on Oprah too, she is a woman of inspiration! I loved what she said on Oprah...something like, she buys clothes to wear forever! Anyways, glad to have found your blog and a new blogging friend!

Life of Style said...

Thanks you, it is always nice to hear from new friends and am glad you like my blog...please stop by anytime!

melissa said...

beautifully written. so happy for you and this amazing life you have created for yourself!

Tonia of Chic Modern Vintage said...

Its wonderful to meet such fabulous blogger via the Blog Crawl

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