Friday, November 12, 2010

Fun Friday

Everyone loves Friday, what is there not to like? I for one have a few things up my sleeve this weekend, involving a little girl time, an estate sale, and enjoying some beautiful weather with my family. Does anyone have anything fabulous planned? Since Friday could be my most favorite day of the week I always see it fitting to post my favorite things. Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend! 

Gywneth Paltrow

Yes, Gywneth I have always admired your exquisite taste, envied your work-out regimen, not to mention your wardrobe, marveled at your beautiful family but now I really have something to say for your bravery and stepping onstage to rock out at the CMA awards. Bravo Gwynnie, I will always be endeared to you.

Yes that girl can rock the stage just as well as a Valentino bow!

Jewel Toned Rooms

In preparation for the upcoming holidays I am looking to these jewel colored spaces for inspiration. Bold and sophisticated with a touch of glamour. Designer Miles Redd is known for his use of stunning colors and he does it again with the November issue of Veranda. I adore the brilliant green with the lush blue. The cover sells the magazine.


Yes, I will admit I am a fan of the fringe and think that maybe it brings out some alternative side to me, possibly my native american heritage... hmm or could it just be the call of the wild? 

These YSL heels are for the fashion fearless do you dare?

I bought these adorable little "Trampers" for my bohemian mini me.

A Home in the Country

 I have always loved flowers, in particular the look of wild gardens that are maintained. So when I came across fashion designer Stella McCartney and her breathtaking home in the English countryside featured in this month's Vogue I fell in love. There are vines of wisteria, hyacinths, tulips, and many different trees that were given to McCartney and her husband as wedding gifts. What an amazing special place.

Images and story available on Vogue

Have a wonderful weekend!

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