Friday, April 9, 2010

Guess Who's Back

                                Carrie Bradshaw
What Wear
   So, you love her...not so much? Love to hate her...Carrie Bradshaw, aka Sarah Jessica Parker? I personally love Carrie, Sarah Jessica Parker and that Halston Heritage white dress she is wearing on the set for the new Sex and the City II movie which is set to debut Memorial Day weekend!
I Said after the last movie when they were in talks for another one, what more could they do? They were going to ruin the Sex in City legacy but I saw the sneak peek trailer for the movie this morning on Yahoo and it looks out of sight! Gals get your sitters in line, it is going to be girls night! Of course Sarah Jessica Parker has been all over town and had some fabulous outfits along the way as always....I wonder what her real closet looks like, maybe like Carrie's swanky new one?

SJP Fan Page

SJP Fan Page
Stella McCartney

Sarah Jessica Parker has such great style I would really love a peek inside of her Manhattan home but until then I will have to be satisfied with these pics taken a few years ago for Elle Decor of her home in the Hamptons.

Photos courtesy of Flickr from Decorology


I am due for a new order of stationary for myself and need a few gifts as well. There are so many great companies and  products, it is difficult to decide on the right one but there are a few that I am loving  these days!


Inspiration DC Blog
Honestly I am mad about Hannah Brooks Nation Gadabout Stationery!
The website says...
Gadabout " An aimless pleasure seeker; A traveler in search of enjoyment and amusment; One who roams or roves for social activity."
Sounds good to me and the stationery is beautiful with 65 creative cards to choose from in vivid colors and unique motifs and monograms that can be customized. There are even some styles to choose from with deer, fishing lures and ducks for the men in your life....father's day is around the corner.


Custom Sitting Pretty

Thissur Pooram
      All images courtesy of Inspiration DC Blog

Dempsey & Carroll

F Schumacher's Chiang Mai Dragon

Another excellent option for beautiful stationery, well maybe just a fantastic envelope, is F Schumacher's Chiang Mai Dragon in color aquamarine for Dempsey and Carroll. This fabric is so beautiful, it would look good as anything so of course why not as stationery? 
F Schumacher also turned there beloved Kelly Wearstler Imperial Trellis into a stationery available in 5 different colorways as well as Chenonceau.

Imperial Trellis

Photos courtesy of Dempsey and Carroll


Kate's Paperie

The most traditional, beautiful and well packaged stationary is Borghese. A friend gave me a set of this a few years back in the most beautiful green color with my beautiful monogram and I have been savoring every sheet! Kate's paperie  has a beautiful ivory and rose. I must say the rose with gray print turned out beautiful as a Christmas present for my mother-n-law.
Now decisions....

In honor of the 2 hour wallcoverings lecture I attended yesterday at The Studio in Greensboro, NC yesterday I tried to find images of rooms using the F Schumacher Wallcoverings that Dempsey and Carroll is using for their stationery. I am a lover of wallpaper and the lecture titled "Wallcoverings Then and Now" was very interesting and enlightening to see how far the wallpaper industry has come to make wallpaper much better engineered and environmentally friendly.
Before I had children I always thought it a silly question about lead paint and children eating lead but oh yeah a few paints chips on the ground in the mouth they go...Hence the questions at the peds office for lead poisoning! Like the lead we use to put in our paints, wallcovering manufacturers used to put mercury, cadmium and heavy metals in wallcoverings....and you wonder?


Style Court

Chloe Sevigny's Foyer
Decor Pad

Elements of Style

Decor Pad

Elements of Style
Chenonceau Panels

Elizabeth Goodwin Interiors

Happy Friday!

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