Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Romantic Vision

I am in High Point this weekend at Market and have seen lots of fun things but one of my goals for this trip was unique wall far so good! Along with all the beautiful tabletop linens, pillows and accessories in the Dransfield & Ross space were beautiful prints by legendary artist Jeremiah Goodman. Jeremiah illustrates in watercolor the interiors of some of the most influential people of the past 54 years including the late President Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan, the Duchess of Windsor, screen legend Greta Garbo and style icon Diana Vreeland.  Most of Jeremiah's illustrations until the 1960's were done on "spot" in the rooms that were being portrayed...which is amazing! He says that eventually he had to do them from a picture because of the amount of time it would take him to complete the work. All the prints that are available for purchase are signed and approved by Jeremiah. They would be a gorgeous addition to any room. Jeremiah: A Romantic Vision the book, available on Amazon, is a reflection of his life and work.

Carolina Herrera Sitting Room

Rose Cumming Bedroom

Jeremiah Goodman Goya Inspired Bedroom

Leonard Stanley Bedroom

       Photos courtesy of Dransfield and Ross

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