Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Fun Day

A beautiful Spring Sunday in North Carolina today,  so much to do, now what? 
I think I am going to hit the flea market today, I bet it will be full to the brim with goodies and since it is lunch, there will be deals to be had! 
I had to write because I was so excited that the latest issue of Lonny magazine has hit the web with lots of great articles, interiors and products. Yay for Sunday! I will give you a peek but see for yourself, it is a great one

Designer and Editor Laura Day on the April/May cover...her NY apartment is amazing!

Cute Katie Lee cooking up some Organic Minted Pea Soup.

Graphic Designer Ashley Putman's crisp white and blue southern dining room.

All Images Courtesy of Lonny Magazine

Nick Olsen's vibrant Chinese inspired Nolita apartment. Nick's blog desire was none other than Raleigh I Suwanee blogger turned home furnishings store owner Jamie of Furbish Studio 1020 Glenwood Avenue. Congrats, great stuff!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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